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In these terms of services we use the following terms;

"Service" means online digital printing service

"We" means Photoswift

Use of the Service

To make use of our service, you would have to agree to our terms and conditions. If you do not agree to our Terms and Conditions then you would not be able to use our service.

You should not use the service for any of the below purposes

1) To upload or send objectionable material which are abusive, pornographic or obscene in any nature
2) To upload or send copyrighted material without seeking permission from copy right holder
3) For any purposes which are unlawful and can constitute a criminal offence

We shall decide, at our discretion, whether your use of the service constitutes any breach of the above restrictions.

Use of third party sites and software

We may use software that are owned and operated by third party companies. This software has to be used in accordance with terms and conditions that are imposed by third party companies.

We may also include links to third-party websites. We have no control over content or policies regarding these websites. We would not accept any responsibility or would not be liable for material on any of these sites.


Copyright laws are in place to prevent people from reproducing images or photographs without prior permission from the copyright owner. If you seek to reproduce these images without prior permission then you would be responsible for any copyright violations. At no point would we be held responsible for any copyright infringement that you make.

Acceptance of orders

All credit card transactions are subject to validation and authorization by the card issuer. If for any reason there is a delay during this process, we will not be liable for any delay in delivery or non-delivery. Payment is debited from your account before your purchase is dispatched.

Delivery of orders

We will strive to deliver your order within the time stated for the service. Time periods refer to working days and do not include weekends. We would not be liable for any loss or damage after this period. We will deliver to the address that you provide us. If at any point the address provided is incorrect, we will not be held responsible for any delay or loss during delivery of consignment. We reserve the right to dispose of envelopes which are incorrectly addressed. We would not at any point be obligated to refund you or anyone else.


Once an order has been placed and confirmed, no refunds would be entertained. If prints are reported bad and returned within 30 days, we would consider a full/partial refund of amount (excluding shipping charges) depending on the assessment we make on the quality of prints.

Price Information

Price information displayed online is correct at the time they were posted. However, they would not remain constant and would change in accordance with changes in pricing structure laid down by us.

Quality of Print

Quality of print is dependent upon the quality of photos/images uploaded onto our website.


Any material that is downloaded from our website onto your system is used at your own discretion and risk. You would be solely responsible for any damage to your system or any loss of data that takes place.

We may discontinue or modify some segments of the service without giving you prior notice. We would not be liable to you for any modification or discontinuance of any part of service.

Credit card payment

We will take care to ensure that the details or your order and credit/debit card information is secure. However, we would not liable for any loss due to unauthorized access by a third party or even from a member of our staff. It is your sole responsibility to ensure security of your credit/debit card to avoid its unauthorized use.

Intellectual property

All names, logos, titles and copyrights are intellectual property rights of their respective holders. You are given no permission to use them unless you are the owner of the copyrighted material. Unauthorized use of these material would amount to infringement of copyrighted holders' rights.


You agree to indemnify us from any claim or demand arising out of content you submit or transmit through the service or violation of terms and conditions.

Cookies and personal information

We may use cookies to enable you to have an enhanced experience on this site. This information is stored in your hard drive. Any personal information you provide are stored in secure servers and would at any point not be misused or would be transmitted to any third party companies.


Please direct your queries via email to service@photoswift.com

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